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We highlight successes, failures, and challenges for businesses, entrepreneurs, and the really smart people who build the tools that help us do more.

What can you build when you don’t know how to code?

No code development platforms, or no code platforms as they are commonly called, provide a set of user interfaces where a user can create or change a software application without needing to learn a common, syntax based development language. The idea of making software...

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Q&A with KiSSFLOW on Google App Maker

Following a recent article on Google going after no code business application development we were lucky to get in touch with a representative from KiSSFLOW who was willing to comment on the launch of Google App Maker relative to their mission of workflow automation....

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Google Goes After No Code Business App Development for SMB

No Code Development Vendors Targeting SMB Beware... Google recently promoted its new App Maker platform from preview to the general public. If use Google Apps then just ask your Google admin to add App Maker to your suite. We've taken a look at the no code development...

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Twilio vs MessageBird in a No Code Development Fight

No Code Development is Eating the Software World It is rare that a week or two goes by without seeing a software company introduce no code development features. Sometimes its a startup with a new drag and drop experience. In other cases its a large company buying an...

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BPM News: Nintex, Promapp, Siemens, Mendix

BPM News: Nintex Acquires Promapp and SIEMENS Acquires Mendix Nintex Tries to Improve It's Visual Map with Promapp Acquisition     Promapp is an interesting player in the workflow software and BPM world. Compared to some of the more universally capable platforms like...

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Executive Perspective: Brian Reale, CEO of ProcessMaker

Brian Reale sat down with NoCodeDev this week for the first interview in our Executive Perspective series. NoCodeDev is filling its editorial calendar with interviews across the no and low code development space. Brian comes from the workflow software world that is...

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