BPM News: Nintex Acquires Promapp and SIEMENS Acquires Mendix

Nintex Tries to Improve It’s Visual Map with Promapp Acquisition



Promapp is an interesting player in the workflow software and BPM world. Compared to some of the more universally capable platforms like Decisions, ProcessMaker, Appian, Pega, and Nintex who focus on the capability of their designers in a lot of cases – Promapp appears to have taken the perspective of a daily user in a large organization as the core of their product experience. The overview video above from Promapp provides several examples of this design theory as visually appealing status view, notifications, and a tour guide approach to a published business process take priority over automation and advanced customization ability. It’s an interesting take on the spectrum of capability and usability in the BPM space – and one that appears to have been successful enough for a major player like Nintex to scoop up.

Geekwire covered the acquisition and provided a few additional details: Promapp was founded in 2002 by Ivan Seselj who later brought on co-owner Richard Holmes to help their customers get a bird’s eye view of their complicated business processes. Promapp had 75 employees compared to Nintex’s 400 at the time of the acquisition. This is the first acquisition for Nintex after Thoma Bravo took a majority stake in Nintex earlier this year.

Link to Promapp: https://www.promapp.com/

Link to Nintex Announcement: https://news.nintex.com/2018-07-31-Nintex-Acquires-Process-Management-Leader-Promapp


Mendix Acquired by SIEMENS for $730M

The $80+B German behemoth SIEMENS has acquired Mendix in a $730M all cash deal. Our favorite part of the announcement is Mendix’s infatuation with the near billion dollar figure – publishing their own announcement as a €0.6B transaction. We admire Mendix for its pioneer-like spirit and most especially for providing a platform for thousands of what they’ve termed “business engineers” (we like that one and might want to steal it) who have built a career on their platform.

SIEMENS could see Mendix as a pivotal accelerator for their Industrial Internet of Things platform they call MindSphere. You can see a video and more details at Donovan Jones article on Seeking Alpha.