Here at NoCodeDev we are filling our editorial calendar with interview based content from both sides of the no code market. You’ll see us question vendors about their roots, challenges, accomplishments and ambitions. You’ll see us sharing stories about entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses who have seen success and failure from using no and low code development platforms.

To start this journey we’ll share some of our thoughts around what questions we’d like to talk through with no code development vendors. Laying out these questions in advance will accomplish several objectives: 1) You get a chance to comment and help us refine the questions we are asking. 2) We can send them over to vendors we are working with in advance. 3) They might help people looking at no code tools understand what questions they can ask if we don’t have an interview up for them to consider yet.

Questions for Vendors of No and Low Code Development Platforms

  1. How did it start?

  2. What were some of the early successes or failures that helped you prove the idea?

  3. How technical does somebody have to be to pick up your product and build something other people can use?

  4. How long would it take a dedicated person to get through your learning curve?

  5. What makes you different?

  6. Do you work with customers directly or do you have partners?

  7. What are your customers asking for today?

  8. What are you doing to lower the barrier for less technical folks who still want to develop solutions using your technology?

  9. What is one thing you are seeing in the no code development world that excites you?

  10. Would a software entrepreneur be able to start a business based on your technology? What would that look like?

  11. Do you think a freelancer could be successful using your technology to run a one man business?

  12. Is there anything else you can offer folks from the NoCodeDev community?