Vendor Sponsorship Options

Partner Development

Optional Add-On
  • Partner Program Review
  • New Partner Presentation
  • Partner Lead Generation

Podcast Season

Optional Add-On
  • 5 Episodes
  • Published on iTunes and Other Platforms
  • Flexible Branding Options

Blogging Services

Optional Add-On
  • 6 Posts
  • SEO Optimized Hub and Spoke Model
  • Delivered as a Ready-to-Publish Set

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Sponsorship Details


Base Sponsorship – $950 per month

The base sponsorship is designed to provide you with three methods of lead generation. First, you’ll receive a NoCodeDev branded review of your technology with an emphasis business impact in PDF form that you can use on your own website. Second, we’ll collaborate to create an enhanced profile on with up to 3 embedded videos, and 5 other downloadable forms of content behind an email wall that will send leads directly to your inbox. Third, we will promote, produce, and host a co-branded webinar once per quarter. All of these efforts will help our growing audience of businesses and channel partners better understand your offering as they compare you to other vendors.

This base sponsorship is required for any of the following add-on services.


Add-On Services


Channel Partner Program Development – $3,000 per month 

Finding partners for low and no code development platforms can be a challenge. You want to be in the software business and you’ve built out a services team out of necessity, but you recognize how limiting that can be for your software sales team and your valuation. The NoCodeDev team will meet with you to define your target partner profile, develop a partner pitch, and then run inbound and outbound campaigns to set up partnership meetings with the appropriate point of contact on your side. Minimum 3 month engagement. 

Podcast Season Production – $3,000 per season 

Let’s mix up the content on your website and help your customers get to know you before they meet with you. The NoCodeDev team will produce a 5-episode season of podcast episodes on topics relevant to low and no code development. Episodes will be a roughly 15-minutes long, and will require some participation from your team via web meeting. You can choose to have us publish the season on iTunes and other major podcast networks under your brand, sponsored by NoCodeDev -OR- you can choose to have the season published under the NoCodeDev channel, sponsored by your brand. This is a great asset to distribute to potential channel partners, and to further engage people reading your blog. Remember, the NoCodeDev team has personally worked with hundreds of businesses seeking to adopt no and low code development platforms – and we’ll be able to add our own stories and support to the conversations in addition to being a host. You just have to show up on a web meeting to answer questions that we prepare beforehand. We’ll make your team sound good. 

SEO Optimized Blogging Services – $3,000 per set 

The NoCodeDev team will develop a set of 6 blog posts that dive into a specific topic related to no and low code development. The primary or what we like to call “hub” article will be at least 1,500 words, with each secondary or “spoke” article having at least 500 words. This is not a ghost writing service, and we require author recognition on your blog with a link back to in the authors profile. After the initial strategy meeting and topic approval, we will provide one round of revision on the set via email or document comment level feedback. We recommend publishing the series in a promoted weekly schedule that your audience can subscribe to. If you’d like to commission these articles for publication on NoCodeDev, sponsored by your brand, then we can promote them on our social media channels including $150 worth of promoted LinkedIn posts from our company page. 



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