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Betty Blocks is a newer entrant to the no code development world, but they have quickly garnered praise from other analyst firms. Their UX-first approach to no code development is attracting a wave of new age business users to their platform.

Based in the Netherlands, Betty Blocks has teams and partners throughout the world who can assist with an evaluation and implementation.

Betty Blocks hasn’t asked us to write a review yet, but we have interviewed their CEO for our Executive Perspective blog series. You’ll be able to read that soon. 


Betty Blocks


Your business is changing quickly, and your workflows are not keeping up with that change. Your technology team doesn’t have time to change the workflows or build new applications. Your business team has shown a desire to hack something together, but that would only add to the mess of “shadow IT” on your credit card.


Betty Blocks provides an aPaaS (application as a service) solution for rapidly deploying new business applications that keep your workflows in a ready to adapt state. With their UX-first approach to design and development, your business team will be right at home dragging and dropping after a few days of learning. Excel changed the world in the 90’s. Betty Blocks hopes to re-ignite that change now.

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