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Webbit21 is a no code consultancy with an IT services background. They are proficient in several different no code technologies and can offer training, advisory, and consulting services in addition to their implementation services. While they are based out of the Netherlands, their team supports projects around the world with a high degree of professionalism that comes from a great deal of combined international experience working for major consulting firms.

Webbit21 hasn’t asked us to write a formal review yet, but we have interviewed their founders as part of our Executive Perspective series on our blog. We’ll post a link of that here soon. 





You want to adopt a no code platform, but you understand that it takes the right mindset and resources to make the change.


Webbit21 specializes in both training and implementation for platforms like WEM,, and is constantly seeking out new partnerships with other no code vendors. They take a higher level approach to the adoption of these tools that is not platform specific. Instead they’ll challenge you to think through the real world impacts that this change will have in your organization.

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