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Copywriting Remains in a No Code Development World

When we started building our guides for no code website development we quickly realized that other skills like copywriting are critical before and after you build the website. To make sure we don't leave any gaps in our guide we've put together a quick list of our...

Business Analysis Before Automation – The Basics with Laura Brandenburg

One of the challenges with any venture is getting so close to the details that you forget what some of the bigger picture looks like for other professionals. It doesn't matter if we are developers, marketers, executives, or any other role, it is very easy to forget to...

Building a website on a whiteboard… literally.

Artificial intelligence used to translate a live drawing at a whiteboard to a ready to fill in web layout.

What can you build when you don’t know how to code?

No code development platforms, or no code platforms as they are commonly called, provide a set of user interfaces where a user can create or change a software application without needing to learn a common, syntax based development language. The idea of making software...

Executive Perspective with Ramli Somers, CIO at TimeSeries: Partner with People, Use Tools.

The low and no code development world has an interesting problem. When you sign up for an account online, or finish running the installer on a new server you are left with a blank canvas. Yes, you just spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a tool that doesn’t do anything until somebody configures it. Did you spend enough time thinking about the people who will be using it?

To code or not to code… 

This is a significant question. Depending on what you want to build we can show you how to a) build it yourself, b) prepare for somebody else to build it for you, or c) show you tools that can let anybody on your team change the solution over time without writing code.

Request for Interviews

If you use any no or low code tools, then we want to talk to you! We are happy to share your story anonymously, or with a spotlight on your accomplishments. This is a great way for managers to highlight their teams work on a no code related project.