HelloFlow is a no-code client onboarding platform Fintech, providing a solution so you can build a sleek customer experience. All while using the latest digital identity verification services to ensure regulatory compliance. While many other newcomers to the space like Hivewire and others are super-configurable – HelloFlow leads the pack with many drag-and-drop experience to enable non-developer users to customize their own experience.

At just two years old this company has had quite a journey; their aim is to disrupt the traditional client onboarding process, and that is what they are doing. HelloFlow Co-Founder Mikkel Skarnager, drives the company to adapt and grow with the market while producing efficiency and creating a platform that not only revolutionizes the game, but also is best in class.

The HelloFlow platform is a compliance heaven, with integrated services from digital identity verification and anti-money laundering checks to built-in contract handling and risk engine.

A quick overview of the platform shows you the following four main components that can make up your onboarding journey: Flow Builder, Client Portal, Performance Engine, and a Risk Engine.

Keeping with the easy efficiency drive behind the platform all five of these serve a crucial purpose.

Flow Builder

Build best-in-class digital onboarding flows without writing a single line of code. This is where you get complete control to create and customize the journey for your customers, what you build becomes the form that they will see and fill out.

The platform operates as a plug-and-play where you can drag and drop all the different services, forms and components you need. You get complete control over the order you want to build your desired flow. It’s an intuitive solution that is accessible for everyone.

Client Portal

CRM and case management built around your processes. With ease you can click through all your customers and see the information you have collected, everything from their name, documents they uploaded to the risk of onboarding them readily available for easy reading.

The integrated solution allows you to filter all your clients depending on their status in completing the flow you created, whether they are corporate or individual clients, it even allows you to accept or reject them right there on the platform.

Performance Engine

Monitor performance and optimize your flow based on automated reports. Knowing how your flow is performing is key to adjusting the process to make it easier for not only the customers but also for you. HelloFlow’s performance engine has all the statistics you could ever want to analyze just what is working, and what isn’t.

Here holds all the data points that the platform calculates automatically from your different flows. You have access to statistics on the conversion time and rate, the leads generated from your flow, the dropout rate and more. The kicker? Everything is beautifully arranged in easily readable charts with the ability to filter and see just what you want.

Risk Engine

HelloFlow also offers a risk evaluation built into your onboarding form – automatically calculates the client’s risk profile based on the data they input giving you a score. You can create a risk engine that integrates your company risk scores and produces a report tailored to systems you already use in your own day to day operations. Simply integrate it into your flow and you’re good to go.

HelloFlow is a platform constantly growing and tweaking to adapt for what their clients need, it’s a digital web-based platform that gives you autonomy over what you need and want for your onboarding processes while ensuring you have all the tools to be 100% compliant. It is a no-code solution that aims to streamline and digitalize your processes, while keeping everything together in one place. 

“Using HelloFlow enables us to speed up the entire onboarding process. Collecting and reviewing all data through emails and PDFs was a time-consuming and risky process. Digitalizing the entire client onboarding, especially the risk evaluation process under one umbrella, has helped to reduce the risk and operational costs while strengthening the regulatory compliance.” – a HelloFlow Client

HelloFlow is built off of flexibility and efficiency, you have constant and continuous control over your flows and design. Operating as a drag and drop orchestration platform, you don’t need to be a master coder or engineer. It is built for accessibility and removes the time-consuming in-house coding and development-related costs making it a sure choice. 

Oh, that and customization, you can design your flow to make it look like your brand!

[This article provided by HelloFlow. If you’d like to feature your own no-code project please send an email to Kevin at NoCodeDev.com]