IT Asset Management can make a big part of the IT organizations life easy – or very, very painful. Issuing laptops, or managing a BYOD policy should be simple, but even simple things change. The cost of change is one of the biggest barriers to happy IT teams.

As the NoCodeDev team meets with no code vendors, low code vendors, and other software companies who stand to benefit greatly from no and low code partnerships. We see a lot of opportunity for new methods of workflow management in the enterprise.

One such example could give small and fast growing companies a new option for solving the IT Asset Management puzzle.

We’ve written about Onify before, but after putting their value proposition together with vendors like Decisions, ProcessMaker, or Bubble – a number of different opportunities become clear. One of the strongest opportunities is giving businesses a rapidly adaptable IT Asset Management solution.

No Code IT Asset Management with Onify

Most large enterprise IT leaders will probably laugh at one of the three vendors I mentioned. There is a lot of caution for real world IT organizations around tools like Performance concerns, security concerns, all of the typical barrier to entry stuff. But smaller, younger, and faster moving IT organizations tend to be more risk tolerant as they weigh costs with the speed of change. With this mindset, small teams could produce a flexible ITAM platform that will adapt and grow with the organization at a rapid pace without a rapidly growing price tag.

Low Code Service Oriented Architecture

Onify takes care of most of the heavy lifting in this scenario. With a unified interface, and a strong indexing engine, the world of your IT Assets presents itself as a blank canvas ready for automation. While some of this automation can be done in Onify, more opportunity exists for complete business process management and further automation with a strong API and a partner vendor who can provide drag and drop tools to create new workflows in less time than a developer or off the shelf vendor could customize a legacy solution.

Simple User Experience – No Code IT Asset Management Solution with Onify

While this is not the only model for this type of solution – a compelling option would be to craft a low code service oriented architecture. Keeping the simple unified interface in Onify with independent actions triggered over an API to a business process management solution.

It is likely that the enterprise discovers more opportunities combine low code and no code with players like Onify. As vendors like Onify present out of the box compatibility and more flexible off the shelf value propositions, the time to value conversation will be weighed heavily compared to heavily customized legacy players or custom software development.