Following a recent article on Google going after no code business application development we were lucky to get in touch with a representative from KiSSFLOW who was willing to comment on the launch of Google App Maker relative to their mission of workflow automation. In that article I had called out KiSSFLOW as a workflow vendor who had some of the strongest product ties to the Google Apps ecosystem and who might be threatened most by Google’s product announcement.

Chintan Jain, Product Marketing Manager at KiSSFLOW, was kind enough to help us with some Q&A. Thanks again Chintan!

Q: Is KiSSFLOW dependent on the Google Apps suite?


No. KiSSFLOW is an independent product and doesn’t rely on Google Apps suite. Yet it provides tighter integration to Google Apps suite.

Q: Is App Maker a compliment or an alternative to KiSSFLOW?


App Maker compliments KiSSFLOW. KiSSFLOW is targeted at business users and empower them to create business apps without understanding the concept of software modelling, design and coding. While this works for the majority of the business apps, few of the business apps can get very complex. Google app maker is a low code platform that enables technically proficient business users to create those complex apps.

Q: What is the learning curve for a new user in KiSSFLOW? Do you feel comfortable comparing that to App Maker?


KiSSFLOW has a very short learning curve. Users can use KiSSFLOW without going through the documentation and without writing any code. I am not comfortable comparing App Maker to KiSSFLOW. None of our users is technically proficient to use App Maker.

Q: Will we see any out of the box integrations with App Maker inside KiSSFLOW?


No. No plans now.

Q: What should KiSSFLOW users know about App Maker?


The App Maker platform is targeted at users who are technically proficient (who knows the concept of the database, data modelling and scripting). App maker is like a clay dough and KiSSFLOW is like a Lego. App Maker can be directly compared with VB or PowerBuilder.

Q: What should businesses who are evaluating workflow solutions consider about App Maker and KiSSFLOW?


Who is going to develop applications in their organizations? IT or Business users? 1. App maker fits well with IT teams and KiSSFLOW enables the business users. 2. If the organization is already in Google Apps and works with a partner to manage Google Apps, then partner can use appmaker to develop applications for the organization. 3. The users can create any type of applications with App maker while KiSSFLOW is tailored for workflow applications inside the organization.


Thanks again to Chintan and the KiSSFLOW team for being so open to our questions. If you have any questions for the KiSSFLOW team related to this article, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to get further comment.