Low code and no code vendors beware, Apple is slowly but surely entering the no code development game. With the announcement of SwiftUI, a new programming language built on top of Swift, Apple is doing whatever it can to lower the barriers for new app development on its platform.

SwiftUI in Xcode with “Drag and Drop” App Development

While this is definitely more code than other tools we’ve showcased here at NoCodeDev.com, it shows a strategic directive within Apple to lower the barrier to native app development.

During the keynote, Apple showcased how much less code it took to create the simple file list view in the screenshot above due to the new framework, SwiftUI. Then, to the surprise of many in the audience, Apple demonstrated the ability to drag-and-drop components in a menu straight on to the app preview inside Xcode. When dropped, the component would add the necessary code on the left, and voila! You just built a part of your app without having to write any code.

It should be understood that this is still a developer tool, and non-developers wouldn’t be able to hop in and use this with only a few days worth of effort. However, it does give us a look into how much the barrier to app development in Apple’s ecosystem can be lowered as they introduce additional frameworks to accelerate development time.

Apple may not be thinking about these advances in terms of other business tools that offer no code development experiences, but you can be certain they are thinking about how to expand the developer pool so that they can realize even more revenue sharing potential within their app stores.